A to do list
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Before you add another thing to your To Do list, read this.

Ginger Zumaeta


A framework for doing the things that will move you forward

What is the purpose of all those To Dos on your list?

Why are they on there?

Are they the things you should really be working on?

What do you really want?

For most (including myself) it’s a harder question to answer than it appears on the surface.

I want my business to grow, I want more clients, I want more money, I want more leisure time, I want more time with my family, I want longer vacations in more lavish accommodations. I want more, more, more. BUT, I don’t want to work so hard for all of these things. Why does it have to be so hard?

What’s the real answer to why you don’t have more, haven’t accomplished more, why your business isn’t as big as it could be, and why no matter how hard you work . . . you never seem to get there?

Let me tell you a quick story that changed how I approach my to do list.

I’ve spent the last few years in a period of massive self-transformation. I’ve spent more (in time and money) in the last few years on self-development courses, seminars, meditation, coaching, books, etc. than many will spend in a lifetime. Oh, and conferences, lots and lots of conferences. They help me “sharpen the saw”. In fact, I just got back from FunnelHacking LIVE (great conference!) and dammit, I realized my big takeaway from conferences, no matter what the purpose, is always the same!

Every time I head to a conference or seminar or whatever, my secret reason is this:

Go and learn something that will unlock the secret that tells me what to do to get the life of my dreams.

I’ve wanted the magical to do list.

It usually goes something like this: generate awareness, build a tribe, offer something of value, figure out how to get people to give me money for it, get rich, live the life of my dreams.

While attending, I take volumes and volumes of notes. And dammit! Every single time, I write in big bold letters somewhere in my notes…