Business IS Marketing.

Cut expenses if you must, but beware cutting your marketing.

Ginger Zumaeta


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Remember the show Naked and Afraid? I loved that show. Two volunteers agreed to be dropped in the middle of nowhere with no resources but a few small tools they could carry (maybe a knife, or a fire starter) to see if they could survive for 21 days and ultimately make it to a destination that would take them out of their self-imposed wilderness. Or the show Alone, where the game was to outlast others and theoretically had no end (the longest survivor outlasted the others with 87 days). The interesting thing about those shows is that you realized that survival wasn’t just a physical game. It was a mental game. Is this worth it? Should I keep going for another day, or should I quit?

Well folks, we are in the wilderness now, aren’t we? We’re in a real game of Naked and Afraid, and Alone wrapped into one but there is no quitting.

The economic shut-down is real, and the anxiety around it is starting to amp up. You can feel it in the air. People want the country to get back to work. If you’re in a small business, you’re especially vulnerable, but even big businesses are starting to convert those furloughs into layoffs. The reality is that right now, businesses have to do whatever it takes to survive, and that may involve shedding a few pounds in the form of jobs and other resources to keep the company body strong.

What is not healthy though is pretending like it’s not happening. If you have a job, consider that you may lose it no matter how secure you feel and how vital your contribution is to the company in your own opinion. If you’ve recently lost your job, do not play the victim and stick your head in the sand or play the lowly pawn comforting yourself with the fantasy of things being out of your control. If you have a company — large or small — do not be obtuse and pretend that the game of business has a pause button and you can wait until things turn around because things always turn around.

What is the fat, muscle and bone of your business?

Now is a time to take action. Consider it training. Even professional athletes continue to train. If you have a business (or if you suddenly find yourself in the business of YOU) you must…