FEAR could be the reason your business isn’t growing. See if these symptoms apply to you.

Ginger Zumaeta
10 min readMar 2, 2020
Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

Decision creates accountability, even when what you’re deciding is to go into the unknown.

Making the decisions required to generate sales and organic growth can be scary, whether you’re the CEO or the CMO. There’s always a moment before you launch a new marketing program or campaign, or before you pitch a potential whale, or before you give the approval to update your brand promise, that you start second-guessing yourself. Maybe you back off a little. Maybe you pair down the offer to something you think is more achievable. Maybe you water down the message to leave more options open.

In Ryan Holiday’s new book The Perennial Seller, he says “We’re afraid of taking full responsibility for everything that happens next,” and you can imagine why. Decision creates accountability, even when what you’re deciding is to go into the unknown.

I saw this play out with a recent client who participated in a marketing masterclass we run occasionally.

You may be tempted to think the example that follows isn’t relevant to you. It’s about real estate after all. But trust me. Look for the lesson it teaches. I’ve worked with people at multi-billion dollar healthcare companies, ubiquitous soft drink companies, manufacturers, banks and more. People are people, and people with accountability care about the effects of their decisions because they’ve got skin in the game.

My client had wrapped up the section of the masterclass where we have them develop a detailed buyer persona, and she’d had an epiphany that was so insightful, so clear, it was like the hand of truth had reached down and tapped her on the shoulder.

Her ideal target was literally right under her nose on the worksheet. The Director of the Estates Division — at a high end residential real estate company in Beverly Hills — realized that her business’s ideal