Almost 20 years ago, Seth Godin said almost every PowerPoint sucks. Newsflash, they still do, but here’s what you can do about it.


Almost 20 years ago — 2001! — Seth Godin wrote an ebook called Really Bad Powerpoint (and how to avoid it). In that book he detailed all of the things that tend to go wrong in slide presentations.

Everyone creates presentations with the right intent — to communicate something of…

Cut expenses if you must, but beware cutting your marketing.

Remember the show Naked and Afraid? I loved that show. Two volunteers agreed to be dropped in the middle of nowhere with no resources but a few small tools they could carry (maybe a knife, or a fire starter) to see if they could survive for 21 days and ultimately…

At the heart of every presentation, there’s a question that must be answered.

FFirst, imagine. You’re delivering a presentation that will decide whether a project you care about will go forward or not. You’ve got one shot. The leadership team — the deciders — are gathered and attentive, but they don’t have the benefit of knowing what you know. They don’t understand the…

Decision creates accountability, even when what you’re deciding is to go into the unknown.

Making the decisions required to generate sales and organic growth can be scary, whether you’re the CEO or the CMO. There’s always a moment before you launch a new marketing program or campaign, or before you pitch a potential whale, or before you give the approval to update your brand…

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